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Medicaid and Nursing Home Readmission


Mr. Jones is a resident in Shady Lawn Nursing Home.  He has applied for Medicaid but has not been approved yet.  Mr. Jones has a sudden medical issue and has to go to the hospital.  He has to stay at the hospital for less than ten days.  On the day he is to be discharged back to Shady Lawn Nursing Home, the nursing home refused to re-admit him.  What options does Mr. Jones have? 

 Because he was hospitalized for less than ten days , Mr. Jones has the right to readmission to the same nursing home.  According to Michigan law, the nursing home is required to hold the bed open for his return and advise him of this before his transfer to the hospital.  If Mr. Jones was hospitalized longer than ten days, he has the right to return to the first available bed. 

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