The Military Order of the Purple Heart now offers job training to combat wounded and disabled Veterans through the Veterans Vocational Technical Institute (VVTI).  Candidates accepted into the program are trained for the virtual Purple Heart Call Center (PHCC) and help desk.  The Purple Heart Call Center is an international contact center / call center and help desk consulting firm.    The PHCC virtual (at-home) agents provide companies an on-demand approach to their specific needs.  Unlike many other call center / help desk centers, the PHCC agents are trained through an extensive course (12-15 weeks) ensuring that the agents as a whole are fully trained and motivated to succeed, resulting in a lower attrition rate.  Outside companies contract with Purple Heart Services to provide call center support and service.  By employing the PHCC via a contact, a company provides steady employment to combat wounded, disabled veterans, and their spouses. 

     This year VVTI is also offering contract specific training to spouses of active duty members in the armed forces.

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