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Dealing with Nursing Home Disputes

 Anytime that you place a loved one in the care of others, there is always room for disagreement.  Some disagreements are not much more than a difference in opinion or a misunderstanding, others are relatively severe and cause for demanding immediate action and turning to authorities for resolution.   No matter how sensitive and caring the staff of a nursing home, nursing home staff and the senior or the senior’s family can develop a misunderstanding or a disagreement.

When significant problems arise, it’s often best to involve a geriatric care manager (GCM).  A GCM will act as independent expert who can evaluate the conditions and disagreements in light of state and Federal laws, industry norms, and the specific needs of the senior.  The GCM can also often act as a mediator to talk to the administrator of the facility in terms that they understand, with less emotion because they are not personally involved.  Administrators know that the opinion of a GCM is important as an independent person, should the case ever have to be resolved in court.  In short, nursing home administrators often attempt to work with a GCM when they would not with an irate family member. 

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