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Assessing a client’s capacity

      Before a client an sign legal documents, he or she must have the requisite legal capacity.  The medical and legal communities tend to define capacity differently.  However, most agree that it involves the ability to understand and process information…

How to Avoid Guardianship      When a person becomes permanently disabled, he or she usually needs a guardian or conservator unless effective disability planning documents are in place.  When a court guardianship is imposed, the individual judged to be incapacitated…

Reasons for having an Estate Plan

  The three most common reasons for having an Estate Plan include: To insure that, after death, property is distributed to those people they have previously chosen. To maximize the value of their assets gifted to their beneficiaries by not…

Veterans Benefits – Who qualifies?

Most people think of veterans benefits as being only for servicemen and women who were wounded or disabled while serving in the armed forces.  By and large, that is true.  But we have learned that there are substantial benefits that…

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