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At the law firm of Christopher B. Kroll & Associates, we pride ourselves of our client relationships. Below are some of our actual clients and what they had to say about us.


Client Written

I sought your services for estate planning and advice regarding future concerns due to my husband’s Alzheimer’s condition. I felt very comfortable with the counsel I received, and believe I am in good hands. I appreciate the time you took with my husband and me, and also the time you spent with my sons. The whole family liked their experience.

– Pamela K. Utz

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Upon the first contact with Mr. Christopher B. Kroll’s Elder Law Solutions: The office staff have been very responsive and efficient, primarily Ms. Cheryl Hines. Mr. Kroll’s presentation of Estate Planning was conducted in a more informal manner that made us feel more comfortable in trying to comprehend the legal terms that were involved. The presentation was thoroughly covered from the beginning to the completion. Allow clients option to retrieve all materials provided for preparing new estate planning portfolio.

– Walter L. Wester & Joyce R. Wester

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Our meeting was very good & informative, but dealing with elderly as you do, consideration should be given as to how difficult it is to absorb all of it. We ourselves were leaving Florida, and unable to do all that was required of us, dealing with the work of our trust. We will appreciate another meeting when we return to Michigan. There is so much that you forget, and we are unable to attain things as we get older. We thank you and appreciate all the help you are able to provide us. Please consider this as a helpful suggestion to you, and not a complaint.

– Mildred Clark & William Clark

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I recently had reason to avail Mr. Kroll of his services for the well being of my mother. He was very friendly, accommodating and extremely knowledgeable in the laws of the elderly. Mr Kroll was very easy to understand as he was able to communicate to me in layman language. The way in which Mr. Kroll handled the situation put me at ease and without any due cause for further worries. The items that needed to be taken care of were done very promptly, without hesitation, and with professionalism. I would recommend Mr. Kroll and his firm to anyone with an elderly parent to take care of. His secretary was very personable and friendly as well.

– Charles A. Stefani

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I was well pleased with your service. It was unfortunate we did not no of your services a couple of years earlier. Thanks again.

– Donald Moran

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