Important Documents

Quit Claim Deed

In order to avoid having real estate pass through the probate process, the quit claim deed passes any title to real estate that the grantor may have to another person, entity or trust.

Trust Funding Instructions

After the execution of a trust, the assets of the grantor must be placed within the trust. In order to do this the attorney writing the trust package completes an instrument known as “instructions for funding the trust.” These instructions expressly relate how to transfer each type of asset into the trust.

Certificate of Trust

This document works in conjunction with the “instructions” cited above. Basically, it is a summary of the pertinent provisions of the trust document that allows third parties to act upon the instructions for funding the trust without the third party having an actual copy of the entire trust document.

Special Durable Medical Power of Attorney

This document is the same as the other cited durable powers of attorney, except that it only has one power. That one power being to place assets within the principal’s trust.

Schedule & Deed

The Schedule & Deed is an emergency document that is prepared to be utilized in the event that sudden death occurs prior to the timely completion of the trust funding.


An Assignment is a document that transfers the interest of usually intangible property to another or a trust.


The advancement is a document that reflects the amount of money or property given by a parent to their child or presumptive heir, in anticipation of the share which the child will inherit in the parents’ estate and intended to be deducted there from.

Memorial Instructions

Express instructions or wishes of an individual regarding funeral, memorials or internment arrangements.

Funeral Representative Designation


“Michigan law permits you to name a funeral representative to make decisions regarding your final funeral arrangements and disposition of your earthly remains. Public Act 57 of 2016, effective June 27th, 2016, allows you to legally designate a decision maker to carry out these wishes and list an order of priority if that designated person is not available. The purpose of the law is to clear up confusion on who calls the shots when there is a disagreement among family members.”

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