What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a Federal government program, administered through the states, for those that meet strict maximum asset and income requirements for poverty. Medicaid will cover almost every expense associated with nursing home care.

What does Medicaid coverage include?

Medicaid coverage includes room and board, nursing services, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, durable medical equipment, speech, physical and occupational therapy, medical supplies, and transportation for needed medical services.

Do you have to be poor to qualify for Medicaid?

In Michigan, to qualify for Medicaid coverage one must meet the following asset and income qualifications:

Medicaid Asset Qualifications

  • Cash – an individual can possess up to $2000 dollars while a couple can possess up to $126,420 dollars
  • Homestead – only one, regardless of value
  • Personal Property – unlimited
  • Vehicle – only one, regardless of value
  • Insurance – up to $1,500 dollars face value
  • Irrevocable Prepaid Funeral Contract & Burial Space
  • Income Producing Property – if it generates rental income of 6% or more of the owner’s equity after operating expenses

Medicaid Income Qualifications

  • Individuals – to qualify, the total gross income of the individual, less a personal-needs allowance of $60 dollars per month, less medical insurance premium payments per month and less guardianship/ conservatorship expenses of $60 dollars per month, is to be paid to the facility as the “patient pay amount.”
  • Couples – to qualify, the married person seeking Medicaid benefits must meet the above cited individual standard. However, the spouse may be able to take some of the income for his/her own use under additional spousal allowances. Income solely attributable to the spouse is not counted.

Is applying for Medicaid benefits difficult?

Medicaid is a rapidly changing and complex program. Filing an application is not difficult but meeting the requirements for Medicaid benefits while preserving the assets of the individual or couple is a frustrating and time-consuming task. The attorneys at Christopher B. Kroll & Associates are very experienced in this process and will handle all aspects of the application process so that you can be assured that your loved one is getting the care they deserve, while preserving their assets.

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