Nursing Home Planning

What is nursing home planning?

The Process of Nursing Home Planning is the formulation of a plan that provides for a loved one’s nursing home care while preserving their assets for either their spouse’s use or their beneficiaries’ inheritance.

What options are available to pay for nursing home care?

In general, there are three methods of payment for nursing home care. These are:

  • Private Pay – uses the individual’s own assets to pay for all costs associated with nursing home care.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – uses the assets provided by a long term care insurance policy issued by an insurance company.
  • Medicaid – is a Federal Government program administered by each state for individuals and couples that meet the federal and state guidelines for income and assets. Proper nursing home planning will consider each of these methods of payment for nursing home care.

Is it too late for nursing home planning?

It is never too late for nursing home custodial care planning. Whether a loved one is already in a nursing home, or nursing home care is imminent, action can be taken to either eliminate or greatly reduce the costs of the nursing home care. Assets can be preserved at any time!

How can assets be legally preserved?

In most states, the law allows individuals who require nursing home care to place their assets into various types of legal entities that preserve the principal and create an income stream which can then be used to pay for nursing home care.

Fortunately, Christopher B. Kroll & Associates attorneys utilize every possible legal method to relieve the worry and sleepless nights of those responsible for the nursing home custodial care patient.

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